Everyman Links for November 3, 2009

In the future, monitors will be wider. This Future of the Web in Five Years article goes out on a limb and says monitors will be wider in the future.  Get OUT!  Seriously, we might want to start thinking beyond 1024x in Web Interface Design, wayyy beyond 1024. Other future thought points include micropayments, more collaboration, and “even more Social Apps” if that’s possible.

Bloggers work harder than Twitterers. Obvious points made in 20 Reasons Why You Should Blog Before You Twitter, but valuable none-the-less. “Twitter is popular because it is easy.  It is easy to setup, easy to copy-paste links into, and easy to write 140 character bits.  But, having your own blog remains the strongest platform if you’re serious about sharing ideas and having a continued dialog with the world.  Blogging is the antithesis of easy, however it is far more rewarding.”

Digital Marketing Mixer Mix. 33 Social Media and Digital Marketing Tips with 8 “killer” quotes from Jay Baer in reviewing a recent Digital Marketing Mixer in Chicago. Liked “Think about your web site’s front page as a collection of pages, not one home page.” “Clean up your landing pages.” “Insert retweet buttons into PDF files.” (extreme maybe?) “Humanize your blog.” (I should try that one.) “Let your members decide how they want to use ‘their’ community.” “Use trackable links to measure success.” “Don’t train. Simplify.”

Twitter backgrounds for the well-balanced Twitterer. In the year or so since I’ve been tweeting I never once touched my Twitter page settings, its background, theme, anything other than adding my avatar and description.  There are cool backgrounds available, for instance, but I just can’t do it.  I don’t want anyone to know I actually look at my Twitter web page, and a souped-up background is a dead giveaway.

Solar Panels in Space. Fun article (with pictures!) titled “Five Technologies That Could Change Everything.” I particularly like the space-based solar power illustration.  Interesting summary and additional considerations on energy futures from Next Big Future, where one informed commenter GoatGuy says, “NO compelling economic argument can be made for space-based solar power over a larger ground-based, diurnally limited array.” Yeah, I should have considered that, but it was still a cool picture.

Popup Tent Fever. By this time each year my desire for a popup tent subsides, though the force is strong during the warmer months of potential New England camping.  Here is a new type of popup tent that I’ve never seen before.  Not sure if I like it or not.

Zune Boomboxes! Oh wait, the docks in these boomboxes seem to support iPods only. I just assumed…

The Wii Exercise Bike. Another Nordic Track Ski Machine wannabe.

Doc Searls is liking Ice Rocket. Doc likes Ice Rocket for blog searching. I’ve been using Ice Rocket’s BlogTracker for several months and like it a lot. BlogTracker is a scaled-down Google Analytics, but provides useful information in a snap and pretty much in real time.

IPhone today. NUDE IT for iPhone is finally here (video.)  And if you haven’t seen the dancing guyPhones in your neighborhood on Halloween, that video is here.

100 Ajax and JavaScript Techniques. You didn’t think I’d leave you without a gonzo list of javascript slideshows and navigation tabs did you?

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