Everyman Links for September 27, 2009

Marketing with feeling. Great reminder from Outspoken Media that people are motivated to act because of how something makes them FEEL. “Marketing is historically cold. That means when companies are able to make us feel something, anything, we’re drawn to it. Whether it’s Burger King letting us ‘have it [our] way’, Staples telling us ‘that was easy’ or Hallmark daring us to ‘send the very best’, we practically trip over ourselves to get close to it.”

Not more followers, better followers.  From ScLoHo, “In other words, it’s a mistake to assume your large network automatically equals a large audience. Rather, you earn ‘must-read’ status by engaging your subscribers/followers/friends with content they actively seek. And if that content is compelling enough, they’ll further expand your potential audience by sharing it with their networks.”

Instant Interaction. This post topic was website stickiness and offers several useful points, but the best to me was on interacting with the new visitor. “Start an interaction with your users. Each time a browser views your web page, you have an opportunity to interact with them. One great way to interact is to offer something of value at no cost. This can be a white paper, access to an exclusive list, or simply a 30 day free trial. Be sure to capture an individual’s valid email address and include them on your mailing list.”

That damn little Redbox. I’ve never used Redbox for renting DVDs.  No need to, with Netflix, Roku and so little TV time to start with.  Darned enticing though, particularly considering you can view the contents of any Redbox in real time and reserve a DVD online.  Simple, web-enhanced innovation.  Sidebar, the name of this link’s blog is “Make the logo bigger.” I love that.

Trademark Search. Good trademark search and registration site.  trademarkia.com. Costs $159 to to apply for a trademark.  Will have to do some homework on whether that’s a good deal or not. I’m meeting with my tax accountant tomorrow for our annual fall tax checkup.  She knows everything about everything, so maybe she’ll advise me on my trademark moves.

Another happy Comcast Tweeter. Someone else blogs about a great Comcast service experience that started with @Comcast[someone] tweeting, “Can I help?” I’m glad it wasn’t just me who felt compelled to promote Comcast on their blog.

Twitter Direct Message phishing. Another week another Twitter scam, this week where compromised Twitter friends DM you with something like, “rofl this you on here? http://videos.twitter.secure-logins01.com” where a prompt for your twitter account info appears and some bastard’s got your password. DMs are tricky, since they can only be sent to you by people you follow whom you naturally trust. My thing this week was the “Mention” tweet (mentions can be sent by anyone) with a shortened url and nothing more.  To me, that’s a lot scarier.  I blogged about it in fact.  The tweets always sport an avatar with some cleavage-heavy chick, so I included “cleavage” in the post title.  Always a good tip for bloggers just starting out. Use “cleavage” at every opportunity.

Content is Dead…Long Live Context. An article on marketing to youth with insights on reaching any target audience. “You see, today marketing is a function of context, not content, because communication is a function of trust, not technique. Being ‘clever’ with your advertising content no longer smacks of authenticity.”

Today’s list of impressive JQuery UI tips. 40+ Techniques of JavaScript for Professional UI from Tutorial Lounge. I particularly liked the Facebook autofill widget.  Some sweet calendars I hadn’t seen before also on display.  The BarackSlideshow listed toward the end of the list is beautiful.

Click through this slideshow. This slideshow presentation from Gerd Leonhard on the next 5 years in Social Media is good food for thought.  Just click through it.

Social Media and Social Networking Plain and Simple. Like the title says, both are explained in this post, with bonus videos to reinforce the point.  My favorite was Scoopville using an ice cream crazy town as metaphor for how social media works.

Simple recipes for simple men. Love the presentation of this Crock Pot Stuffed Green Peppers recipe on The Hunter’s Wife.  Ingredients, picture, instruction, picture, instruction, picture, instruction, picture, “set crockpot to low for 8 hours.” I’ll post my own picture for you on how it turns out.

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