Everyman on a Metro App Boon, Your Own Community, VR Contacts, Just One Customer

Everyman Links is now bringing you the best of Dave Burke’s Google+ Stream. Google+ seems to work really well for sharing interesting content and adding some commentary and opinion thrown in as found in the Everyman Style. Hope that works for you. If you want to follow the stream directly, you can do so here.

Windows 8 Metro App Boon? Interesting article reviewing the new application model of Windows 8 (old-style apps verses Metro apps) and how there is a great opportunity for new Metro app developers whose applications will run on both desktops and tablets as well as having support of the Microsoft Store infrastructure.

Your own community site. Great article from B2B Social Media Guide covering the arguments of why you need your own community.  Includes tips on growing that new community with an eye on social media and the larger internet.

Renew Renewable funding. Great review of funding resources for Wind, Solar, Geothermal and Biomass from CleanTechnica. Also contains two links to email services for contacting your members of Congress to support specific funding efforts: 1) Pass the renewable energy production tax credit (PTC), and 2) Extend the successful 1603 Treasury Program in the payroll tax package that Congress is currently negotiating.  Will make you feel good about your clicks.

Sugar-coated Lorem Ipsum.  For a change in your generated lorem ipsum.  Far less scary than Corporate Lorem Ipsum which sounds so much like the real thing to me.

Just One Customer. Seth Godin on "Who is your customer?" He made what I thought was a powerful allegorical statement on defining a company’s customer, "Apple had just one customer. He passed away last year."

Another Day of Glass. Corning releases another “Day of Glass” video.  Lots of great images with a focus on education.

VR Contacts. DARPA is working on Virtual Reality contact lenses.  The potential applications are mind blowing.

Standing up for the Volt. About time someone stands up for the Chevy Volt after Fox News and other small minds slam it as if President Obama was the Volt’s public face.  Bob Lutz lays out six simple and indisputable facts in regards to the safety of the Volt and its history.

iwasntpaid.com. I Wasn’t Paid is a new site for developers and other freelancers to share horror stories on clients who refuse to pay them even after the work has been done, in some cases even using the code without paying.

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