Everyman on App Parity, Retina Malaise, Overnight Success, Content Enablers, Walking ASCII Man

Windows 8 App Parity. When Rocky Lhotka speaks, other geeks listen. Here he talks about Windows 8 bringing PC Users parity with phone and iPad applications, primarily because of the improved smart client and distributed computing world based on apps and not the browser.

The Five Levels of Social Business. Excellent chart describing a five-tiered architecture of Social Business. Starts with internal Systems of Record where CRM, human resources, and line of business apps form the roots of social connectedness to follow, then to Systems of Engagement with other employees creating an activity stream which forms the Social intersection between internal and external processes. The Service Delivery layer is where the apps live, and finally we arrive at the Engagement with the World level.

Retina Malaise. As a developer and information systems architect, it is absurd that Apple didn’t provide a structure to differentiate between handling the much larger Retina Display supported apps and normal iOS apps. So as a result everyone pays for Apple’s attention to profit over architectural efficiency.

Overnight Success. Not. Short article offering inspiration to startups and small businesses.  Angry Birds was Rovio’s 52nd game. They spent eight years and almost went bankrupt before finally creating their massive hit. I particularly liked the post’s close. Startups are hard, but they can also go from difficult to great incredibly quickly. You just need to survive long enough and keep going so you can create your 52nd game.

The Big OAuth Book. I’m a developer without a facebook account, so I’m not a big OAuth proponent. However, it’s a great model and no doubt increases community membership. Regardless, this free eBook on OAuth is sitting on my Kindle and on my To-Read queue.

This Post Sent to Google Reader. Question: When you send a post from Zite of some other service or iPhone app to Google Reader, where in the hell does it go? Answer: It goes to your Recently Read list. To view your Recently Read list, click on Home, then the "Recently Read" heading in to right-most column.

Content Enablers. A lot of good things in this Jeff Jarvis piece on rethinking content as a producer. A few select cuts. 1) Our online books, magazines, and newspapers are still recognisable as such. We haven’t gone nearly far enough yet to rethink and reinvent them. 2) Where does our value reside?…I suggest we begin by looking at ourselves as platforms for those communities to organise what they know and then we can also provide what they need to know. 3) To do our jobs well, we will become more enablers than producers.

Walking ASCII Man. I think I may have seen this walking man before (like you), but it’s too cool not to share. Love the fact that ASCII can have such dynamic texture.

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