Everyman on Creative Pricing, a Productivity Handbook, Insanely Simple, Fill My Screen STTNG

Creative Pricing. Some very good things in Pricing Strategy for Creatives. "Price by the service, not the hour" was a primary theme. As a freelancer, I support both pricing models depending on the client and the project. The author gives three good reasons for going with pricing by the service over the hour, with my favorite being "Billing by the hour does not allow you any creativity in billing."

Productivity Handbook. John Jantsch’s Duct Tape Marketing is one of the most useful marketing resources on the Net, in my opinion.  Jantsch has a new eBook titled The Productivity Handbook with info on maximizing services like dropbox, evernote, gmail, instagram and others to change how you do business.

Fill my TV Screen, STTNG. Here is one of those great Amazon reviews which would qualify as a featured article on any website.  The author responds to people complaining why the new Star Trek:TNG Blue-Ray doesn’t fill their TV screen.  Begins,  “This is in reply to all the ‘It’s not fair, it doesn’t fill my TV… why do I have these black borders at the sides?’ People: The ratio on the Blu-ray discs is the same as it ever was for Star Trek: The Next Generation. Same as it was shot in, same as it was broadcast in, same as it was presented on VHS and the same as it was presented on DVD…” Technical information on screen dimensions and HDTV resolutions follows.

Bored with WP7? Joe Wilcox of BetaNews asks if people are bored with their Windows Phones and whether using a similar Metro motif in Windows 8 is a good idea. What really surprised me about this article was the huge outpouring of love for WP7 and its UI by the commenters.  Most of you already know my WP7 story. Had a first-gen Samsung Focus WP7 phone for about 24 hours before I returned it. No apps. Not enough storage space. Email didn’t work. Months later I got email to work in Mango on a display model at the AT&T store, but same old Focus was the only model available with not enough storage space. And there were still not enough apps. Will think again with the Lumia 900 release and Apollo…or whatever comes after those. In the meantime, I’ll continue to be amazed by everything my iPhone 3GS can do and hope my Zune keeps working.

Insanely Simple. New book on Steve Jobs and Apple by Ken Segall available for pre-order.  Segall served as Apple’s agency creative director under Steve Jobs from the NeXT years on through, including some years under John Sculley’s disastrous reign.  I wonder if Jobs will be portrayed as big of a dick as in Isaacson’s bio, which was excellent, by the way.

Men and Machines, Your Child and the Singularity. A description of a new book on preparing your children for the Singularity describes humans as potentially having the edge over computers if we focus on what machines cannot do: think critically and make assumptions at millions of computations per second.  We can let the computers retain and retrieve the facts for us while our innate talents take it from there. 

Plantagon!  The Plantagon, a new vertical farming structure that reminds you of Epcot’s Spaceship Earth is now under construction in Sweden.  Rock on!  If you’d like to read more about vertical farming, Popular Science did a great feature on it in Farming in the Sky with lots of futuristic photos.

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