Everyman on Defining Community, Blog Site Pet Peeves, Preserving the Problem

Defining Community. The final thoughts from Rich Nadworny in When is a Community not a Community (a fellow Burlington Vermonter coincidentally) are worth passing along. "Brands need to ponder whether they have a community or what kind it really is. If it’s just people who live close to each other without ongoing two-way communication, brands shouldn’t expect a lot in return. Instead brands need to take the time to understand and deliver on the needs of its community members to make sure participation has its rewards. And it’s not clear that a Foursquare badge or a Facebook fan listing is enough.”

Preserving the Problem. Kevin Kelly expands on the Clay Shirky quote, "Institutions will try to preserve the problem to which they are the solution." Kelly mentioned Shirky’s new book, Cognitive Surplus: Creativity and Generosity in a Connected Age. Ordered! Here Comes Everybody was one of my all-time favorite reads.

On Blogging Consistency. I agree with this Blogtap post on the importance of blogging consistently. “Visiting the address of a blog which remains not updated is like opening up the morning newspaper to find yesterday’s articles printed again. If I am going to be committing as a subscriber, I at least want to know that I will be fed something on a consistent basis.” “Have you ever heard of a magazine that doesn’t send issues on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis but on a whenever-we-feel-like-it basis? The same standards should apply to the world of digital content.”

Blog Site Pet Peeves. Good list of blog design and usability issues that bug your readers. Some of the items mentioned were no contact info or author details, no dates on posts, hard-to-find subscription buttons, too many ads and link preview pop-ups. A huge pet peeve of the author was the registration requirement to comment, something I happen to require. Sorry. I hate it, too, but not dealing with the SEO Link Scum is sooo nice. Speaking of comments, I repost Everyman Links to my facebook page, so if you ever want to comment, please do so there!

RSS Subscriber Counts and Real Numbers. Matt McGee makes the point that we shouldn’t stress about low RSS subscriber counts and instead know which numbers matter to our businesses in our particular situation. “I pay almost zero attention to RSS subscribers. Why? Because the target audience is your ‘average consumer,’ and those folks just aren’t using RSS.” A 2008 Forrester Research listed consumer RSS adoption at only 11%. A possibly important quote from Steve Rubel in “Feeds are way way too geeky for most and the benefit does not outweigh the learning curve. So I think RSS has peaked.” Alternatives to RSS? Email-based subscription options and Social Media postings (Twitter is excellent for that, or reposting to Facebook.)

The iPad Slugfest Thread of the Week. Some guy named Nick O’Neill posted Why I’m Returning My Apple iPad and it generated to date 148 comments. Lots of heat and even a few insights thrown in.

Mario Shoes for an ailing economy. I would feel very good in these Mario Custom Nike Sneakers. More characters please, Nike. Huckleberry Hound or Woody Woodpecker would be swell!

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