Everyman on First Visit, At Social Business Core, Better than Everyone, To Apollo and Beyond

First Visit. FeverBee with his usual good community advice, advocating first visit engagement for new members. The next page immediately after registration should be a discussion or activity members can participate in with other members. They do this and enter the notification cycle. If you get this right, your ratio of newcomers to regulars will skyrocket.

At Social Business Core. Stop Think Social post on the true value of Enterprise Social Networks, which is knowing who has the answers for any situation. A company that is socially connected is not just going to be more effective and more efficient, but it’s going to have a knowledge reach spanning the entire company that any employee can tap into and make use of. This is the Power of the Enterprise Social Network and the heart of any Social Business. It’s not important for you to know all the answers, but it’s key that you know someone in your employee network that does.

Better than Everyone. Seth Godin on the need to be better than everyone else every moment of every day. Clay Shirky reminds us that the media business has changed. Forty years ago, your TV show only had to be better than two other shows–not every show, just the shows on the other channels. Today, of course, with a million choices, each show earns the attention it gets in every single moment.

E-commerce Tipping Point. As if we need another push to invest more in mobile, Six Pixels writes about an E-commerce Tipping Point where transactions made with smartphones and tablets will son make our current world of e-commerce, mobile and social media look like a joke in terms of sales, size and people using it.

Electric Car Hate. Former GM Executive Bob Lutz Slams The GOP’s ‘Pure Fiction, Knee-Jerk’ Hatred Of Electric Cars.  But let’s forget the politics for a second and appreciate one of the reader comments, Today our Volt hit 2200 miles. We have used 16 gallons of gas. We paid $29000 after tax credits and it costs $1.00 to charge over night, but it also gets charged whenever we get home. So we regularly get 50-60 miles each day on no gas.

To Apollo, And Beyond. You’d think Microsoft had an idea of whether Windows Phones (like the one I bought a couple of weeks ago) will be upgraded to Windows 8 Apollo, but they seem to be famously dropping the Marketing ball once again by not providing the official word.  In the meantime we’ll reference a tweet from @zpower, “Lumia 900 love aside, let me say this: if Apollo is a clean break with no upgrades, there will be blood. I think (hope?) MS understands.”

The Big Guy Sings. You might not be an opera fan, but you’ll still probably get a charge out of this Britain’s Got Talent duo.  It will probably surprise you.

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