Everyman on Future Social, The People Widget, Mobile Preparedness, Likeable Hangars, 145 Inches

Future Social. A We Are Social SlideShare on digital developments shaping the future of marketing in social media. Topics discussed include developments in Mobile Social, Baked-in Social, Curation and Funneling, Social "Nicheworks," and Influencer Measurement.

The People Widget. Google continues to integrate Social into its products, here in Gmail with their People Widget. Very useful. A good idea to, um, leverage elsewhere. The “people” widget that shows up when you hover over one of your friends in Gmail, will now include thumbnails of recent photos and videos they’ve posted on Google+, along with the other recent updates they’ve shared.

Freemium Enterprise 2.0 App Design. GigaOm post on the design, distribution and free-to-paid conversion of Freemium Enterprise 2.0 Applications. Design considerations include 1) Make the app fun, 2) Design an app you’re passionate about and which addresses one of your own needs, 2) Study active users, 3) Pre-populate the data, 4) Publish and Document APIs, and 5) Multiple Platform support.  Lists tactical considerations for Freemium Application Distribution and Free-to-Paid Conversion as well.

Mobile Preparedness. Mitch Joel, who has a very good grip on all things Social and most things Mobile, writes how we’re not prepared for the explosion of mobile. The reason we’re not prepared has nothing to do with screen sizes, connectivity or a highly un-tethered consumer. The reason we’re not prepared is because the way people will use, consume, interact and create content is going to change as well. Now, start thinking about media that’s more active (Facebook, Twitter, etc…), connecting to people who are closer to you or being fed content that is contextual (based off of what you’ve done and who you are with plus where you are). It’s all starting to get that much more exciting.

Social Marketing Basics. Simple truths but important ones on Social Marketing. You get on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and who knows what other network because you were told it was important for your business. You can’t understand why it’s not working. 1) You’re building a community, 2) The community has to know you’re interested in them, 3) You have to communicate with your community, 4) You have to have a plan.

Social is the new Online. Quote of the Day from Futurist Gerd Leonard, “’Social’ is the new ‘Online’”.

A People Strategy.  Today’s Seth Godin nugget on focusing on the people part of doing business.  We don’t have a telephone strategy. The telephone is a tool, a simple medium, and its only purpose is to connect us to interested human beings. And then the internet comes along and it’s mysterious and suddenly we need an email strategy and a social media strategy and a web strategy and a mobile strategy. No, we don’t.

Likeable Hangars. These hangers in Brazil have Facebook “Likes” on them. The “Fashion Likes” campaign is integrated into the retailer’s flagship store in the Iguatemi mall in São Paulo, with hangers that show a real-time counter. The gist of the description on the company’s Facebook page is that by ‘liking’ an item, consumers are helping those who are in doubt over what to buy. I guess that’s one way to use Facebook without selling your soul, since there’s no room on the hangar for a login form.

Nanosolar Grid Parity by 2015. Exciting news on possible declining solar energy rates, with solar energy as cheap as grid-supplied electricity by 2015.  Nanosolar parity should come more quickly for large commercial facilities with flat rooftops or some acreage to spare, but we’ll take it.

145 Inches. Oooooooo, baby.  A 145-inch Ultra High Definition Plasma Display!  Have a towel handy when you watch the video to wipe up the drool.

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