Everyman on Goals and the Personal Brand, Not How Many but Who, Algae Farming

Goals and the Personal Brand. We’ve talked about the need to establish a personal brand, but this Forbes article does a good job explaining why: it enables us to one day achieve our goals. “You need to sit down and figure out where you want your path to take you.  Once you define your goals, you can define your personal brand to help you achieve those goals.  By developing your personal brand, you can create desired perceptions of who you are and what you can bring to the table in your career today and in the future.”

For bloggers, it’s not how many, but who. A Six Pixels post on why blogging as a product evangelist is a winning strategy. “Remember, it’s not about ‘how many’ people you put your message in front of, it’s about ‘who’ you put your message in front of.” “Social Media marketing (and Blogger outreach, in particular) is only going to yield results when a brand can figure out who the real key voices are in Blogs, Podcasts, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc… and manages to connect with them, add value to their community and help the overall community be more engaged.”

Algae Farming. Bring it! Clean Technia writes, “Biofuel from algae and other plants is on the verge of mainstreaming as a form of renewable energy, but in terms of long term sustainability one sticking point has been the amount of land needed to raise biofuel crops.  Texas A&M’s finding raises the possibility of creating a viable platform for small-scale algae biofuel farming on brownfields and other underused land, or even in (or on top of) reclaimed buildings.”

SxSW 2010 on Slideshare. This list of SxSW presentations and documents on SlideShare is a good way to catch much of the SxSW Conference technical action.

Joins in LINQ to SQL. Raj Kaimal with a nice list of LINQ to SQL join samples. I’d love to accumulate 30 or so sample-rich examples like this one. Yeah, 30 ought to do me.

New Microsoft Translator API. It’s always great to have an alternative to Google as MS releases a new language translator API. Good job, Microsoft Dudes. I’ll be checking this out.

Windows Phone 7. I’ll have to say I’m pretty excited about a Zune-based Windows phone, particularly since it will be updated through the Zune software and support Silverlight. Here’s a detailed Windows Phone 7 feature summary from Gizmodo.

Not everyone buys into the SxSW hype. The South by SouthWest Conference is still going on and I’ve followed it as much as I could, but the thrill seems to be gone for me. I like how Danny Brown borrows the description ‘social media circle jerk’ to describe the event. “Here’s the thing, folks. It’s not rocket science what you’re doing. It’s not earth-shattering revelations. In fact, it’s almost a little embarrassing how self-important it all comes across as.” Jeremy Pepper also makes good points on why he doesn’t go to SxSW. “I rarely hear ‘it’s a great event for my company/agency to reach the right people for product A, B or C’. It’s always about the drinking. I don’t do SXSWi. I just can’t justify it. And most businesses – once they get over the shiny social media blindness – won’t be able to justify partying for partying’s sake either.”

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