Everyman on Involving Software, More Valuable than Facebook, Spreading Your Ideas

Your product just happens to involve a piece of software. A Top Shelf Seth Godin post on the business of software.  “You need to imagine (and then execute) a business that just happens to involve a piece of software, because it’s become clear that software alone isn’t the point. There isn’t a supply issue–it’s about demand. The business of software is now marketing (which includes design).”

I spread your idea because… More Godin. Why would someone talk about your product? Because I feel smart alerting others…I care about the outcome and want you to succeed…there’s a financial benefit directly to me…because both my friend and I will benefit if I share the idea…because the tribe needs to know about this. 20 reasons total.

Six Reasons to Stay Off Facebook. As you may recall, a few months back I removed all of my facebook data and deleted my account.  I haven’t looked back. Here’s a Wired piece on why one guy stays away. Four of his six reasons for staying off facebook were 1) Whatever you post on facebook (or youtube, whatever) will most likely be pulled up later somewhere in your life. 2) Information you supply to buy a pizza may give someone else access to your voting record, employment history, etc…all “wired into the system” for your convenience. 3) A good chance your data will be used against you somewhere, somehow. 4) Facebook and Google exist to make money through targeted advertising. “I admire the business Zuckerberg’s built; but I don’t trust him.” Couldn’t have said it better myself, that is, unless I quoted Zuckerberg himself from his famous IM when he described users who trust him as “dumb fucks.”

Why your website is more valuable than facebook. This VanSEODesign post  expands on a ProBlogger concept of home bases and outposts.  No one can take your home base away, it’s your base of operation for your business online. The most important aspect of a home base is ownership. You control your home base. Outposts are where networking and scouting occur and are extensions of your home base.  Outposts can be taken away. You don’t control your outposts. More very good stuff here that I plan on elaborating on in a Sueetie Business of Community post.

Dropped in the Cloud. John C. Dvorak with a personal anecdote on how the fly-by-night nature of web startups can sting you when you rely on them. A podcast he does with Adam Curry used Drop.io to store podcast resources. Now it’s all gone. Gee, John, maybe you shoulda read that paragraph in “why your website is more valuable than facebook” where it talks about ownership.

Keywords + “keyword.” A Bruce Clay post with SEO guidance for larger sites, but my takeaway was a reminder to think keywords. Think what keywords people search on.  For example, 1) restaurant name, 2) suburb + “restaurant”, 3) restaurant type + “restaurant” + suburb, 4) restaurant attribute (cheap, carryout, etc) + restaurant type +…

High-Speed Rail? Why the hell not? Clean Technica with a news video of China’s newest high-speed rail network.  Also a video on California’s proposed high-speed rail network along with some why-the-hell-not stats. 1) 600,000 construction jobs, 450,000 permanent jobs, 2) 1/3 energy per passenger of airplanes, 1/5 energy per passenger of automobiles, 3) Downtown LA to downtown San Francisco in under 2.5 hours

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