Everyman on Metro in the Real World, Ted Talk in 2023, Social Media on Ice, Banned with Style, Dear Graphene

Metro in the Real World. This 4:18 video captures a guy’s dad using Windows 8 for the first time. For most of the 4 minutes the man is trying to figure out how to return to the Window Tiles after opening an Explorer window. He never figures it out. To be honest, I don’t know if I will in 4 minutes my first time either. As the man’s son says, "I’m trying to prove a point to Microsoft." He proved it.

Metro or Bust. While on the subject of Metro, Gunnar Peipman provides a good overview of his initial Windows 8 experience.  The comments are even more interesting.  “Stop whining, start developing for Windows 8 or get left behind!” one enthusiastic developer says, to which another responds, “LOL. Microsoft got ‘left behind’ years ago and has ever since rushed one knee-jerk solution after another. If you like living in a world of pain, then by all means, ‘get started developing for Windows 8.’”

Barcodes in all the right places. Just about every coupon has a barcode, and now, thanks to a new partnership between Walgreens and foursquare, coupons on our phones do, too.  The first barcoded offer on Walgreen’s foursquare page was for a 50-cent can of Arizona Iced Tea with a message below it reading “to redeem, show retailer this code on your phone.”

TED Talk 2023. Many of you probably know more than I do about the reasons for this Ridley Scott video imagining a TED Talk in 2023. Whatever the reason, it’s geeky fun to watch.

We Stopped Dreaming. Another video for you titled We Stopped Dreaming. Goes into the history of NASA and how the drive to go into space affected to many seemingly unrelated aspects of the economy and culture. Yeah, maybe we should still be going into space.

Paint Trays and the Social Culture. Slideshow on business social culture from IBM.  Particularly like a simple example of social culture benefits which happened at Lowes. 1) Employee asked how to get more paint trays 2) Others asked how she was selling so many 3) She shared her idea on how to sell paint trays 4) When scaled, idea generated >$1 Million in additional revenue

Social Media on Ice. This is how Social Media is supposed to work. A Social TV app called Zeebox added 22,000 users in the UK during a Dancing on Ice program after one of the hosts tweeted about the app during the show.

jQuery Mobile Tutorial. Excellent tutorial and reference, complete with source and demo on building a jQuery Mobile app.

Dear Graphene. Graphene is a one-atom-thick sheet of carbon with a number of interesting properties, including being an excellent electrical current conductor. A new study at Northwestern University has found that a graphene electrode can significantly improve electrical capacity and recharge rate of the lithium-ion battery. This new battery would have 10x the storage power of our current lithium-ion batteries and charge 10x faster. Instead of 100 miles, your car might be able to get 1000. Instead of taking over two hours to charge, you could be on your way again in 15 minutes.

Banned With Style. Family banned from shopping store because of husband’s outrageous antics caught on security camera. Letter from store manager listing several examples, some of which were "Hid in clothing rack and yelled, ‘Pick me! Pick me!’", "Took 24 boxes of condoms and put them in people’s carts when they weren’t looking," and (my favorite), "Went into a fitting room, shut the door, then yelled very loudly, ‘There is no toilet paper in here.’"

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