Everyman on More Than a Game, A Real Head Turner, Surrounded by Notifications, Happy Cows

Gamification: More Than a Game. Some good takeaways on Gamification from an interview with marketing firm Big Door CEO Keith Smith. Websites want to reward their users and say thank you for engaging. And they want to recognize you when you are a fan of a particular site, they want to recognize you for that and reward you for that. The marketing technique is called gamification.

A Real Head Turner. Japan’s NTT Docomo is developing a video conferencing system that enables eye contact, invisible backgrounds and screen movements that mirror head movements, which improves the psychology of talking to people who aren’t really there.  Seeing is believing.

Flexible e-ink. “LG just announced that it has begun mass production of the world’s first flexible, plastic e-ink display. This is opposed to the hard, heavy, prone-to-cracking glass-laminate e-ink displays found in devices such as the Kindle and Nook.”  Great photo of the technology in article.  This is cool, but what’s really exciting is what comes next and then what comes after that in display technology.

ESNs Defined. Excellent SlideShare presentation on Enterprise Social Networks. Enterprise Social Networks Defined: A set of technologies that create business value by connecting the members of an organisation through profiles, updates, and notifications. (Source: Altimeter Group) But ESN’s are not simply Facebook behind a firewall. Every enterprise has distinct needs and nuances that require a reframing of a social network. Altimeter found that there are six elements of a social network that are similar, and yet different, between public and enterprise social networks

Surrounded by Notifications. Great Noise To Signal cartoon on the notifications in our lives. I’m not sure when it happened, but at some point my laptop and smartphone stopped being places of work, creativity, conversation and leisure, and started being the dashboard of a highly-strung car. Suddenly, I’m surrounded by notifications.

MAD Magazine on iPad. Finally a reason to use my wife’s iPad. MAD Magazine comes to iPad.

Walking Among Us. Astounding video of DARPA and Boston Dynamics robots climbing stairs, walking on a treadmill and doing pushups.  Won’t be too long before we see them walking among us.

Customers talking to each other. Good article on why not having an online community is costing businesses money. The researchers found that spending per member increased by 19% after they joined the community, with this attributed to closer interaction with other members and greater engagement with the host company. Values doesn’t come from having you talk at customers, value comes from having customers talk to each other.

Happy Cows. I don’t think even the cows here in Vermont are this happy.  A feel good video!

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