Everyman on Navigation Rethink, Cloned Goals, Cap’n Crunch, The Blink Test

Navigation Rethink. A new Landing Page Makeover clinic from CopyBlogger with the issue jumping out from the page being rethink your navigational scheme. The site had an image-based menu that was madeover with a menu representing the core points that the prospective customers cared about. The site was a kid’s clothing store, so the questions were, What are you selling? How do I order? (ORDER INFO) What about special requests? (FAQ) How do I contact you? (CONTACT US) What if I don’t like it? (RETURNS & REFUNDS) Bonus good tips: Get visitors directly to what you’re selling. Make prospects feel comfortable and confident about doing business with you, and focus on your value proposition more strongly.

Cloned Goals Not Permitted. Danny Brown channels Seth Godin in a post titled Where You Fit In. He asks what you’re doing right now and why. “Unless you’re doing it for you, you’re doing it wrong. Unless you’re doing it for goals that you want to achieve, as opposed to goals someone else has set, you’re doing it wrong.” People aren’t interested in clones, Brown says. “Be yourself. Be honest. Be the brand you believe you should be. Because that’s where you fit in. And that’s where your customers will find you.”

Hungry for a Cap’n Crunch Story. Fellow Burlington Vermonter Rich Nadworny on the history of Cap’n Crunch cereal and the lesson of creating a compelling story that is intricately linked with your product. With Cap’n Crunch, the impetus behind the project was to solve the problem of soggy cereal. Quaker Oats then asked Jay Ward (creator of Bullwinkle) to come up with a narrative that would became an integral part of the product. Rich writes, “We have the means to produce our stories at our fingertips. What we don’t always have is the imagination, creativity, whimsy and focus to create compelling stories around our brands, products and organization.”

Online Presentations still a Marvel. Scott Guthrie posted recent presentations at an all day .NET event in Arizona and is using an application from NextSlide.com to display them. The presentation app merges Scott’s talk with his PowerPoint outline with his demos into a single awesome experience. Even if you’re part of the recent Microsoft Exodus and no longer care what ScottGu says, you should check out the NextSlide presentation player. Slick!

Passing the Blink Test. Hubspot lists seven best practices for landing pages, like passing the blink test. Visitors will often make the decision of taking action before the page finishes loading. In other words, make sure they can understand the offer and what you’re asking for in the time it takes them to blink. Other tips for effective landing pages include keeping it short, simple, establishing credibility with logos or testimonials at eye level, and “going naked,” or removing any distractions preventing the visitor from completing the desired action.

Jobs and Gates comic strip game. A repeating series of three slides of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates sitting together with changing comic strip dialog like 1) Steve, “Remember when we were poor?” Bill, “No.” 2) Steve, “Me neither.” 3) HAHAHA. You can even download your own template. HAHAHA.

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