Everyman on Open Content OS, Liquid Glass, Digital Asset Optimization, AARP.org Does Groups

The Open Content Operating System. Gerd Leonhard uses the term “Open Content OS” to describe our interconnected ecosystem where conversation replaces broadcasting and trust replaces advertising budgets. “Pretty much every creator already knows it’s not (just) about selling copies of his/her work, rather, in a connected and interdependent ecosystem it is about selling the brand, the perception, the experience.  In an Open Content Ecosystem it won’t really matter who copies what, but how much attention you get before and during the process, and how good you are in converting it into action and / or real monetary value”

Get ready to be sprayed with liquid glass. A German company created an invisible, nano thin layer of liquid glass that can repel water, deter bacteria and fungus, and protect against wear. The clincher is that it allows the surface underneath to breathe and that its essential ingredient is quartz sand. Graffiti won’t stick, fungus won’t grow on plants, seeds are protected from infection while they germinate, and on and on. Watch the video. I like how the author ended the article, “Sometimes I’m excited about what technology is coming down the pipeline. With Liquid Glass I’m giddy about the technology that’s already here. I really hope this isn’t some giant hoax or a scientific con job. Even if it is, don’t tell me. I just want to enjoy the possibilities for a while.”

New Freelancer Advice. Nuggets for new freelancers from members of the FreelanceSwitch community. Here are a few faves. “People buy benefits, not features.” “Charge more. And make sure you are worth it.” “Don’t forget taxes.” “A website is never ‘done’. It is only abandoned.” “If It’s worth doing twice, it’s worth creating a system for.” “Enjoy what you do, when you stop enjoying it. Stop doing it.”

Digital Asset Optimization. I like that phrase, “Digital Asset Optimization.” We produce content all the time, but do we view it as a digital asset that we can optimize? Little things like inserting keywords into filenames, or adding keyword-rich captions for videos. We need to think of repurposing content: presentations recorded to video and audio, hosted on You Tube, create video snippets, PowerPoints uploaded to Slideshare. Alt text, file names and tags. Sitemap file with descriptive text to a collection of videos. Complete PDF document properties.

Education Games. I hope this Mashable article on gameplay in education inspires some sharp developer reading this to create education games. What marvelous potential to improve the education experience for our kids!  And I hope you make a million dollars in the process.

AARP.org does groups. I stumbled upon AARP.org through a ScLoHo Slideshow on Social Media that mentioned AARP.org’s subgroups. This really is a great community site, especially the groups, which number in the hundreds. I remember when we started talking about community groups probably three years ago, and what potential they had—and still do. AARP.org does groups like I’ve never seen before. Here’s an AARP.org group on dogs. It’s got a forum, photos, video library and a journal, plus connection points, yet what I find so distinctive about it is that each group feels so lightweight.

A Dog’s Purpose. If you’ve ever lost a dog then you’ll appreciate the wisdom of a 6-year-old in this Best Article Every Day short story.

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