Everyman on Pictures Under Glass, Ruining Sharing, Blog As Application Template, Rumble Strips

Pictures Under Glass.  A self-described rant on the future of interactive design from Bret Victor arguing that futuristic technology videos are often limited to interaction with hands and “pictures under glass.”  Makes you think about interactive approaches beyond fingers and flat surfaces.  Great final sentence, “With an entire body at your command, do you seriously think the Future Of Interaction should be a single finger?”

And A Day Made of Glass. Continuing our Pictures Under Glass theme and future visions of technology (which are still pretty darn cool despite being mostly fingers and moving pictures), here is Corning’s futuristic A Day Made of Glass video with some interactive display images you might not have yet seen.

Ruining Sharing.  Facebook’s recent Social Reader addition to Open Graph lists every article you read from participating sites on your wall, along with all of the articles your friends read.  This is yet another brilliant and scary move by Facebook to quantify your every move on the web, be it on facebook.com and everywhere else.  CNet’s Molly Wood describes this “frictionless” sharing as wrong and that it’s messing with the voluntary, deliberate nature of content sharing.  Sharing shouldn’t be passive, she writes.

A Digital Marketing Strategy.  This two part Freelance UK article talks about meeting your site goals with a Digital Marketing Strategy, or DMS. Starting with a Situation Analysis to know where you stand in relation to your goals, with an in-depth understanding of your clients and how best to reach your target audience. Setting measurable goals with multiple channels, creating an Action Plan to implement the strategy, with a defined budget and measurement tools that include ROI and Key Performance Indicators.

Blog As Application Template.  A Six Pixels post discussing the Age-Old Question, “What is a blog?” which may prompt some ideas on integrating and expanding your concept of a blog as an application.  The essential qualities of RSS, comments, chronological publishing and so on were listed, which seem to me as the basic requirements for other apps, especially items like permalinks, RSS and some sort of user-generated content ingredient.  I approached the Sueetie Wall as requiring most blog functions, for instance, and you’ll be seeing more of them…and hopefully many “blog expanding” functions.

Perfectionism as [a Potentially Dangerous] Practice. Another post on Steve Jobs’ perfectionism, or his “need to tweak” as we read from Gladwell in our previous Everyman.  This Study Hacks article titled Perfectionism as Practice describes how Jobs’ perfectionism if not controlled could be dangerous and even pathological.  We don’t want our work to be “good enough,” but as the author writes on achieving perfection, I want to keep getting better, not necessarily make this particular project the best thing ever.

Electricity-Generating Rumble Strips. An energy-generating system new to Everyman is a rumble strip that recently debuted in Roanoke, Virginia.  I know we covered energy producing highway materials that covered all road surfaces, but hey, throwing down high-tech rumble strips at parking lots and exit ramps is an a-okay place to start!

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