Everyman on Scarcity, a Faster Website, More than Attention, a Moore’s Law Infographic

More than just Attention. Copyblogger’s Sonia Simone on Why Getting Attention Won’t Make You Rich. “Attention isn’t actually the rarest commodity in the 21st century. Trust is.” I particularly liked the review of copyrighting goals: craft an offer, build trust, answer questions and counter objections, spark interest, make it easy for the prospects to see themselves as customers, offer appealing bonuses, state a compelling call to action, add urgency elements, then state your call to action again.

A Faster Website Reference link from Get Elastic for when you decide to act on that long pent-up desire to analyze your website performance and see where you might be able to improve it. Tools include a free service called WebPagetest, YSlow Add-on to Firebug, and the Google Page Speed Add-on. And as a bonus reference link, here’s a tutorial on using YSlow to speed up your website from Cal Walker.  Lots of screenshots.

Seek scarcity. Seth Godin, “If you’re creating a business, figure out what contribution you make and what you offer that your competitors can’t. If 1,000 people can write .NET code provide typing services the way you do, don’t expect to get paid a premium.” Scarcity creates value.

2000-2010 Moore’s Law Infographic. We may tend to think not much is happening in terms of exciting demonstrations of Moore’s law, but this Apple Infographic from Singularity Hub inspires.  What’s in store for 2020?

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