Everyman on Startup Failure Simply Stated, Insider as Fan, iPhone and its Surroundings

Startup Failure Simply Stated. The question “Why do you think startups fail?” was posted on quora.com with three possible reasons. 1) No one needs the product, 2) Management unable to change direction, and 3) Resources poorly managed. The most voted on answer was “inability to acquire and retain a substantial number of users.” That pretty much nails it, but there were other good answers, including this one even more simple in its truth than not getting enough users. “The ONLY reason any company ever goes out of business is because they run out of cash.” Yeah, that would do it, too.

Insider as Fan. Copyblogger uses a scene from Futurama to describe why using inside jokes could produce your biggest fans. "99% of the viewers probably didn’t find it the height of hilarity. I’d guess that 75% didn’t even know that the line was a joke. So why did the writers include the gag? Because the remaining 1% who did get it became fans for life." The article goes on to describe the use of Easter Eggs, which is another way of looking at including hidden gems in your content.

SEO Site Checklist. Many of us take SEO Site Setup items in this list from SEO.com for granted, which is a good thing, but it never hurts to have a good reference list for clients.

Flipboard in 80 seconds. The new Flipboard app collects content your friends are linking to and puts it into a magazine format on your iPad. You already know about Flipboard of course since it launched 10 days ago, but it’s unlike anything we’ve seen before. In case you haven’t yet seen it in action, here’s an 80 second video posted on Business Insider.

Freelance Expenses. Freelancers should memorize this list for responding to people who question your hourly rate of $70 or $90 or more dollars.  This Freelance Folder post breaks out the freelancer’s expenses by Equipment and Tools, Self-employment, Benefits, Advertising and Promotion, Legal and Accounting, Training and Self-Improvement, and Living expenses. We freelancers have a lot of expenses.

Algae Double Bonus. Two Algae as Biofuel links for you tonight. One is how 100% of select varieties of marine microalgae can be used as animal feed after the biofuel oil is extracted. The second link describes a new microalgae-to-biofuel process that drastically reduces the amount of energy used by skipping the steps of oils extraction and drying.

iPhone and its Surroundings. Great Noise to Signal Cartoon describing how an iphone apps knows that its owner is in need of coffee by her hand no longer trembling from the previous cup. In the cartoon notes Rob Nottingham writes, “I’ve owned an iPhone now for two years, but I’m still getting my mind around it. Not the app store, or the display, or the ubiquitous connectivity. But the way the damn thing is so aware of its surroundings.

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