Everyman on State of the Web, One More Link, 25 Redesigns, Content Sharing Factors, China Blue

Mary Meeker’s State of The Web. Presentation from Mary Meeker with Morgan Stanley Research on the State of the Web that’s worth clicking through.  One of the takeaways was how Mobile is revolutionizing commerce (slide 23.) Real-time retail and service opportunities through location-based services. Instant local and online price comparisons. Invitation-only time-based selective sales opportunities. Immediate gratification through digital product and content delivery.  Interesting list of new innovations affecting the web (slide 34.) Facebook with real-time communications, Twitter with one-to-many real-time broadcasting, Groupon with Social Group Buying, Zynga with social gaming, virtual goods and reward-driven marketing to name a few.

One More Link. In The Inevitable Decline Due to Clutter, Seth Godin reminds us how easy it is to overload the user with too much clutter, and how lethal it is.  Godin is referring to links, banners and other visual noise, but this can be true of our most valuable content as well. Those of use who generate serious amounts of content might want to consider spending some of that content-creation time on restructuring our existing content to eliminate any potential clutter.

25 Redesigns of a Website. FreelanceSwitch held a contest to redesign a fictional pizza business website from the 90’s. Screenshots of the 25 site redesign submissions are displayed along with the original. It’s interesting to see so many different takes on the same site.

Content Sharing Factors. Social Times article listing seven factors that promote content sharing. They include sharing something that makes you laugh so that your friends can laugh, too. Inspirational content is shared. Cuteness, originality, shock factor, surprise and nostalgia complete the list.

FLYFSO iPhone app. I love discovering a really valuable mobile app like this one, a San Francisco Airport iPhone app listing schedules, maps, airport restaurant reviews and notifications. Includes screenshots.

Finding Gold in Upcoming Conference Presentations.  This Duct Tape Marketing post describes how upcoming conference presentations can be a gold mine for fresh content ideas.  But even if you’re not looking for content ideas, upcoming conference presentation lists can provide other good information as well, like industry trends for instance.

Unanswered Posts. Good reminder from Richard Millington on FeverBee that forums need an Unanswered Posts listing to increase the number of answers and promote site activity.  I added an Unanswered Posts listing for an earlier version of YetAnotherForum.NET, but forgot to add it to YAF 1.9.5 RTM in the Sueetie v2.1 Release. Back on the To-Do List.

China Blue.  You know that I never watch TV/Video on computer, but I watched this hour-long PBS Global Voices episode on how young people are being exploited in China’s factory system in its entirety.  Very sad. No wonder American Industry can’t compete. Stupid Human Rights…

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