Everyman on Storybuilders, Clubs over Crowds, Driving Social Actions, Corporate Ipsum

Storybuilders.  We’ve talked about the power of stories before.  Here’s another good post on the subject from Duct Tape Marketing who quotes Mister Rogers, “It’s hard not to like someone once you know their story.” And from the author (not Mister Rogers), “I believe the new reality of marketing asks us to become great storybuilders.”  The story should include a shared vision, address the hopes and dreams of a very narrowly defined ideal client, focus on the challenges and unmet needs of that market, and involve customers in finishing the story.  Included in the post is a list of questions to help develop your own marketing story.

Clubs Over Crowds.  I’ve been thinking about the promotion of exclusivity over mass appeal recently and this CopyBlogger post on finding true gold in your business’s raw materials (hits, comments, likes, etc) was right on track.  “Small and engaged is better than big and vaguely interested. My people and I feel more like a club than a crowd.”

Driving Social Actions. Here’s a Convince and Convert guest post describing a new content check-in application called MOJO. Very interesting, but one of the most useful takeaways of the post was the idea of driving the social actions you want most, like tweets with specific #hashtags for instance. “People checking-in to your content is the beginning, driving secondary and tertiary actions that help your brand grow is where this gets powerful.”

Yet Another Website Launch List.  We’ve linked to a few website launch to-do lists, but this is a really excellent 18 Step Launch Guide from SEOMoz’s Rand Fishkin. Liked tagging actions that matter and setting targets.

Seamless Patterns Today.  If you’re like me and sometimes need a seamless background pattern, here’s a SpeckyBoy post with a list of 50 Seamless Pattern Sets.

100 Things to Watch in 2011. You probably already saw this, but in case you didn’t, here’s a JWTIntelligence slideshow with 100 Things to Watch in 2011.  Covers both tech and non-tech areas.  Simply scanning the topic list on slide #9 should give you an interesting snapshot of what might be in store.

Corporate Ipsum.  I find myself using a good bit of Lorem Ipsum in my development, but I get tired of, well, “lorem ipsum.”  I found this Corporate Ipsum Chrome Extension the other day which is a nice alternative.  Kind of scary though for some reason, maybe it’s because so many corporate types talk like that and think they’re communicating.

Jquery Plugin of the Week. I don’t have a reason to use this Jquery Periodic Updater Plugin at the moment, but will no doubt find a use for it in the future.  The plugin polls pages on a user-defined basis and handles the response.

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