Everyman on the Disembodiment of Content, Conversation Economy, Value Proposition Forward

The Disembodiment of Content. The first of three slideshow-based Everyman Links for you today, here from Gerd Leonhard whose slideshows we’ve linked-to before. This is similar to previous Leonhard slideshows, but we’re covering it today for the phrase Disembodiment of Content. How cool is that? Also beware the idea “They won’t use a computer to connect.” We’ve touched on Leonard’s revenue guidance before as well, but it’s worth repeating, where consumers will not pay for the words, the flow, the pure information, or copies of 0s and 1s, but for packaging, curation, filtering and sense-making.

The Conversation Economy. Slideshow from David Armano (dated, but still valuable) framing the notion how using your blog to succeed in a Conversation Economy starts with your passion, a conversation, relationships, and the resulting affinity in your community of readers. Keyword “affinity.” Also Everyman-worthy was the suggestion that we bloggers are in the service industry and for us to stay in the game, not only must our content provide value, but be framed by our own uniqueness.

Value Proposition Forward. CopyBlogger Landing Page Makeovers always provide a nugget or two. In the latest installment, one of the tips was to push your value proposition forward, way forward. Let them know from the get-go why they want you to be their best buddy.

The What and Why of Google Analytics. Good Level343 post on the information Google Analytics provides as well as why it’s useful.  Getting more from your landing pages so visitors stay around longer, for instance, or where to invest more resources based on where visitors are coming from in referral data. Bounce rate is another SEO knowledge-point necessity, of course, or what people are doing once they get to your site. Gee, I don’t know. If getting more visitors was important to me I would single-out the top 10 technical posts about stuff I don’t care about anymore that get 10x’s more traffic than other pages and plaster them with pictures of my home-made red beet eggs…or something.

Digital Trends for Tuesday. Everyman likes to cover digital trends, especially if they’re in a slideshow. Some of the trends in Josh Martin’s 8 Digital Trends That Will Change Everything are things we’ve touched on before, like Checking In, Social Games, and Augmented Reality. The most valuable trend listed that we HAVEN’T touched on before is “Sh!t you’re not ready for.” Word!

Losing the most followers. This LOL Noise to Signal cartoon is for those schmoes who retweet idiotic spam in hopes of winning an iPad. Retweeting Zune contests, on the other hand, are ok.

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