Everyman on The Long View, Innovation Salvation, Text Rape, Superfans, Microalgae Lamps

The Long View. Good overview of Bezos history with Amazon on being innovative and thinking in the long term. The founder and chief executive of Amazon has often ruffled investors’ feathers by sacrificing short-term profits to make big bets on new technologies that, he insists, will produce richer returns for the company’s shareholders in future. He laid out this philosophy in his first letter to shareholders, penned in 1997, which was entitled “It’s all about the long term”.

Faster Social Business Adoption. Good tips for Social Business Managers who are seeking to effect behavior change in their organizations and speed adoption of social business practices and tools.

Innovation Salvation. Interesting OnPoint Radio podcast on Innovation and its impact on the future. You may disagree, but I felt host Tom Ashbrook became excessively argumentative and was overstating X-Prize Founder Peter Diamandis’ thesis. Otherwise it was an invigorating episode. And related to Innovation and the future, Paul Gilding reviews the annual TED gathering on the topic.

Twitter Data. Twitter is selling (yours and mine) public tweet data to two different research companies. The monetary value of twitter data for marketing and R&D purposes is mind-blowing.  Online companies know which websites we click on, which adverts catch our eye, and what we buy … increasingly, they’re also learning what we’re thinking. And that’s quite a spooky thought. For instance, Coca-Cola Co could look at what people in Massachusetts are saying about its Coke Zero, or Starbucks Corp could find out what people in Florida are saying about caramel lattes.

Process-Oriented Business Models. Gerd Leonhard from MediaFuturist reviews a Ricoh report on process-oriented business models.  We believe that businesses will be more process orientated, ensuring that critical information is more centralised and data can be received, stored and retrieved by employees. This will mean decision making can be less hierarchical and allow employees, who are collaborating directly with customers, to make important business decisions, without delay.

Text Rape. It will be interesting to see how the U.S. Justice Department’s suit against Apple and other eBook Publishers will play out.  Personally, I’m tired of feeling reamed at paying $14.99 for a 134KB text file.

Superfans. Good article discussing how to support your customer MVPs and superfans. There are three aspects to think about when creating an MVP program for your best customers and advocates. Identity, Privileges and Benefits.

Microalgae Lamps. Exciting potential of Microalgae Street Lamps which absorb 150-200 times more C02 than trees.

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