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Your Own Race. An Illuminated Mind post on lessons learned from one year of self employment. “Effectiveness is the name of the game when you’re self employed.” I couldn’t agree more. Quality is a given, but productivity is Job #1.  There’s too much to learn, too many technological opportunities to pursue. And on getting there from here, “we’re all running our own race. You can have a great product launch for you, and feel great about it, then get swept away in self-pity and envy when someone in the same space as you has a monster success.” So if you’re a fellow freelancer, be productivity-focused, stay positive and enjoy the adventure.

Sticky Content. We covered sucky content last time, tonight it’s sticky content from Fathom SEO with some good basic writing tips often forgotten. Repeat important information facts, write like you talk, tell a story.

Tell Me A Story. Speaking of telling a story in writing, the idea of telling stories as a way of life has been on my mind lately.  I’m thinking about stories because of our puppy, Gus, and how many times I tell his story to people who stop to pet him on walking paths and anywhere else I go with him. They always ask about him and I always tell them Gus’s story. “He started out in a Kentucky Kill Shelter and found his way to Burlington, Vermont…”  (Here’s a post about Gus with a few pics.) So this Duct Tape Marketing post titled Do People Know Your Story? caught my attention. What you might find useful here are a list of questions that help you discover the most important marketing message for your story. Questions like, what is the greatest challenge your business must overcome, your greatest business fear, a choice you made that you regret, your greatest achievement or disappointment. To the last I would add, your greatest surprise.

Content Anticipation. How about that concept? I like it! This Marketing Pilgrim post tells us to make Content Anticipation our goal. “While I am bombarded with thousands of content messages throughout my week I only look forward to or anticipate very few pieces of content. These are the most valuable things to me because they bring the most value and I trust that there will always be something of true interest when I get some content update from these sources. I wait with anticipation for their next piece of content.” The author lists his anticipated content being Sports Illustrated, daily email newsletters from a pastor named Greg Laurie, and Inc Magazine. What’s on your anticipated content list?

The MenuPad. This video demonstrates a restaurant using the iPad as their menu. Super cool. I like the example of wondering what the guy at the table next to you was served so you bring up a picture of it on your iPad. I thought about using electronic devices for church bulletins and hymnals ever since I bought my first Dell Axim PDA. Then I imagined the sound of shattering glass as devices throughout the sanctuary would hit the floor during the service. No, not a good idea. But iPads as menus, yeah, sweet.

Who would you hire? So the PC Guy and the cool Apple Kid walk into an interview room… Okay, I confess. I’d hire the PC Guy.

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