Galleries Galore with Gallery Server Pro 2.4.4 now at

Roger Martin’s Gallery Server Pro 2.4.4 is now online at There are a number of new features in the new version which Roger details on his blog. 

There’s a new treeview navigation display which is pretty cool, several new UI customizations,  HTML 5 support and other improvements, but one of my favorite new features is shorter media URLs.  Accessing a media object in the past used an encrypted query string containing all of the necessary object and security information.


In the new version of Gallery Server Pro the same url looks like this.


The feature in v2.4.4 that’s going to knock your socks off is multiple galleries. Or Galleries Galore! 

Multiple Galleries is huge, with each gallery having its own permissions, media object types, display options, gallery manager…everything previously in the entire application now contained in each gallery.

I’ll be blogging later about using multiple galleries in Sueetie, but for now I’ll show you how I’m using multiple galleries at  We’re just scratching the surface on multiple galleries, but it’s a start.  I’ve got two galleries, Screenshots and a second called Document Library. 

Here’s the screenshots gallery followed by the document library. Same application, same instance, two separate galleries.

You might recall that I created a Sueetie feature called Media Gallery Document View so Gallery Server Pro could be used like a Document Management System.  That’s what you’re seeing in the second screenshot. With a single gallery it was all or nothing, requiring all media content to be in Sueetie Document View or none at all.  That limitation no longer exists.

Another benefit of multiple galleries that may not be readily apparent is the independence of thumbnail and image optimization size, not just the ability to generate a completely different look.  Being able to dedicate a gallery to screenshots enables me to increase the utility of the thumbnails by increasing their size.  Smaller photo thumbnails may have utility, but tiny screenshots do not. 

One more observation about the new version of Gallery Server Pro online at  You know I’m a speed freak and to me v2.4.4 seems radically faster than the previous version.  Way to go, Roger!

Sueetie Version 2.2 is in the final stages of testing and packaging, so look for it coming very soon for Gummy Bear and Atomo.  In the meantime you can read through the Sueetie v2.1 to 2.2 Upgrade Guide online in the Sueetie Wiki.

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