Gallery Server Pro Diffs and Source Online. Sueetie Setup Phase Complete!

I’ve been actively pursuing this day since announcing Sueetie. The Sueetie setup DIFF packaging and configuration documentation is now complete. In an earlier post I estimated the setup phase to take two weeks of late-night and weekend geeking. It took closer to three, but I’m still happy.

I’ll post separately on where we might go from here now that the setup phase is complete.  This is an exciting time for two reasons, 1) I can do something other than app setup documentation and 2) other developers can bring up their own sites and start getting in on the action. I have some ideas on where to go next, but for now I’ll reproduce the new Sueetie Wiki doc on configuring Gallery Server Pro for Sueetie. 

I also think I made a decision about what to post where.  I’m posting everything here, darn it.  I’ll repost to a large extent on the site blog, but first run Sueetie posts will happen here.  I’m thinking that the Sueetie site blog will come into its own when developers other than me are posting to it.  As for the Sueetie “Sueets” blog, this was always intended to be the equivalent of my old Community Server Bits blog for news slices about Sueetie and the applications that comprise it, so once I get into the Sueetie Reporter groove, that blog will start filling up as well.

And now on to… 

Configuring Gallery Server Pro for Sueetie

Roger Martin is the creator of the .NET Open Source application, Gallery Server Pro. GSP has become so popular that Roger now works on it full-time, which is great news for all Gallery Server Pro fans and Sueetie Communities! After you setup Gallery Server Pro, be sure to go to Roger’s site and make a contribution to support Roger’s continued excellent work.

Download Gallery Server Pro 2 from

Version 2.2.3286 is the first user control-architected release of Gallery Server Pro. This makes integration and deployment even easier. The best instructions on installing GSP 2.2 are found on the PDF installation guide located on Roger’s Version 2.2 announcement. Read those instructions and return to the Sueetie Wiki documentation to complete the Sueetie media gallery setup.

Download the GSP DIFFs from CodePlex

Download the GSP DIFF files from the Sueetie CodePlex Site. As you can see below, there are only a few diff files that we’ll be applying to Gallery Server Pro and that they are confined to the Website project area.

Gallery Server Pro Setup DIFF files

Copy the DIFF files over the Website files, then update the SqlServerDbConnection connection string and compile the solution. The complete Gallery Server Pro solution is shown below. We haven’t added the Web Root or WSAT web site projects to the solution as we typically have with other Sueetie applications. We don’t yet need them since Gallery Server Pro is a user control.

Gallery Server Pro Solution

I found that I could not load Gallery Server Pro without the SQLite support library, as SQLite is one of GSP’s data configuration options. There are a number of variants of SQLite out there and the version you need to download is not readily apparent on (At least I couldn’t find it.) The version that I’m using is the ADO.NET 2.0 Provider for SQLite available on SourceForge.NET. I downloaded the SQLite- and it resolved my GSP startup issue.

Setup the database

Setup the database by walking through the GSP installation steps. Use the “?g=install” query string to install. Ex: http://localhost/gallery/default.aspx?g=install. Before running setup remember to give Read/Write permissions to the IIS account for gs/config and gs/mediaobjects folders. It’s also a good idea to follow Roger’s advice to deactivate installation after you successfully setup the database.

The web site files are displayed below. “Media” is an IIS Application directory.

Gallery Server Pro web site files

Setup Role Permissions in Gallery Server Pro

Login to Gallery Server Pro as Admin and set roles according to the Sueetie Role configuration model. This requires giving administrator permissions to the MediaAdministrator role and “View” to the Registered user role.

Initial Role Setup in Gallery Server Pro

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A long time developer, I was an early adopter of Linux in the mid-90's for a few years until I entered corporate environments and worked with Microsoft technologies like ASP, then .NET. In 2008 I released Sueetie, an Online Community Platform built in .NET. In late 2012 I returned to my Linux roots and locked in on Java development. Much of my work is available on GitHub.