GSP Tip: ICSharp.SharpZipLib.dll 32x/64x Awareness

You’ll have to admit, when I go with a bad post title I commit all the way.  I didn’t know how else to describe the issue at hand without inferring Gallery Server Pro v2.3 was broken in some way, which it isn’t.

If you may recall, last night I blogged about the cool multi-file download feature of Gallery Server Pro 2.3 now on DBVT.COM. I thought I should probably test it before clicking the “publish” button.  Boink!  Instead of receiving the nifty “Save ZIP to file” dialog box popup like I do on my office server, the browser spit out an XML parsing error, one of those with a smidget of HTML in the top left-hand corner and nothing else.

It worked fine here on 64-bit Windows 2008 Server, but was bombing on my Windows 2003 32x host.  (My VPS is in the process of being migrated over.)  I remoted into my host and looked at the application log where I found the culprit.

GSP uses the ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll library, so I knew that was my boy.  I downloaded Roger Martin’s Web 32-bit package and uploaded its SharpZipLib DLL to my site’s bin directory.  Back in business.  “Publish It!”

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