New Sueetie Media List View Control

With the Gallery Server Pro Recent Photos View in the can, it was time to add the Sueetie Media List View Control that I’ve been wanting to do.  You’ll find it on the home page and at my Sueetie-powered home page.

We’re using it on both locations as a Recent Photos display, but the control supports displaying media by various criteria, like media type, album or author.  It does so with a SueetieContentViewTypeID property of the Sueetie ContentQuery object. The ContentQuery object contains the query properties used in all Sueetie List View Controls.

To bring Gallery Server Pro media into the Sueetie Data Family we created an importer to add new media data into the core Sueetie_Content table, associating it with Sueetie Framework application, content and group properties.  This allows us to do whatever we wish to do with the data outside of the application, in this case Gallery Server Pro. 

Here are a few media objects in the Sueetie_Content table.  SourceID keys on the MediaObjectID in Gallery Server Pro’s gs_MediaObject table, ContentTypeID "6" is MediaImage type, ApplicationID "4" is the Sueetie Media Gallery.

The process to add new media data to Sueetie Data Core screams for a background task, but we haven’t had the need to build a background task component yet, and to be honest, I don’t want to go with an IIS Application_Start() approach to tasking in Sueetie.  I’d rather go with Server Scheduled Tasks, but that’s another post.  For the media data import it was an opportunity to create a Gallery Server Pro administrative page (real easy) and remember to run it after adding new library media.

As for using the control, the structure is the same as other Sueetie List Controls where you simply drop the control onto the page, specifying GroupID and other ContentQuery properties.

I don’t have other List View controls planned at the moment, so it’s time to move on to other Sueetie fun.  The Recent Photos List View was a great way to top off this stage of building view controls.

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