New YetAnotherForum.NET and Gallery Server Pro Bits

I’m happy to report that the very latest versions of YetAnotherForum.NET and Gallery Server Pro are running on and will be publicly available in Sueetie v3.2.  In my last post telling you about the features of Sueetie Marketplace coming in v3.2, I wrote that 3.2 would be available yet this week.  The plan has changed.  Sorry.  We’ll push out 3.2 in May according to the original schedule.  That will avoid upgrade fatigue and allow me to add some more fun features I’ve been wanting to see in Sueetie.

Back to the big news: YetAnotherForum.NET and Gallery Server Pro both running the newest bits.  YetAnotherForum.NET now at, Gallery Server Pro running 2.4.6.  Both are significant updates.  Let’s look at YetAnotherForum.NET first.


YAF’s changes are mostly under the hood, but they’re a lot of them.  I did a quick count of the YAF Changelog revisions. 143!  That’s a lot of updates. Some of the updates are the addition of CKEditor 3.5.1 as an editor choice, searching added to the Members Page, new CeeBox Lightbox replacement, new Team Page, and 139 other items.  For a complete list, see Jaben Cargman’s release announcement.

Besides those changes—and what makes such an important upgrade—is the substantial re-engineering that’s currently going on in the YAF DNA.  YAF.Classes.Core is now YAF.Core, for instance. There’s a new YAF.Types class that is heavily used in YAF application logic. DotNetAge has been completely removed from YAF and the role of AjaxPro has been reduced as YAF moves toward a more native jQuery implementation across the board.

For kicks you are welcome to come to the Sueetie Forums to check out YAF  You don’t have to read anything.  Just click on stuff to see how fast it is!

Gallery Server Pro 2.4.6

Roger Martin is back at Gallery Server Pro development full time and showering us with a bounty of updates.  Here are a few of GSP 2.4.6’s updates from Roger’s GSP 2.4.6 release announcement. Automatic synchronizations which can be remotely triggered, new ‘Embed Code’ for viewing media objects from other web sites, option to restrict users from downloading entire albums, new album thumbnail image choices, Bing and Google Map linking to media object GPS coordinates, upgrade to latest version of SharpZipLib, and more.

Two sweet application updates in the same week.  I’d say we’ve had a good one!

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