Tags Everywhere! Sueetie Media Gallery Tagging Now Online

I’m happy to announce an addition to Sueetie’s Tags Everywhere Platform. All Media Albums and Media Objects now support tagging and are online at Sueetie.com.  Media Album and Object tags are fully integrated in the Sueetie Global Tagging architecture and Sueetie Search.

Media Tagging uses the Sueetie Tag Control and is an example of how the Sueetie Framework adds functionality sometimes not available in the base application, in this case, Gallery Server Pro. Roger Martin’s Gallery Server Pro is a fantastic media application as everyone knows, but Gallery Server Pro does not support tagging out-of-the-box. With the Sueetie Tag Control and Sueetie Framework APIs, now it does!

Tag Display

Tags are displayed with every media album and media object when the gallery is viewed in Expanded View. Here are screenshots of tagged albums and documents.



Using Media Tags

Sueetie Media Tags are fully integrated with the global tagging architecture of Sueetie and Sueetie Search. Let’s look at Sueetie Search integration. When you click on a "Document Management" tag on a Media Object, for example, Sueetie Search displays all site content tagged "Document Management."  You can filter the results using the application selection on the search page.


From an administrative standpoint, remember that any tagging updates you make to Media Albums and Objects will not be retrieved using Sueetie Search until the next time the Search Indexer runs. This is set by default to 60 minutes but can be changed in /util/config/tasks.config.

Managing Media Tags

Media Album and Object tags are managed through the Gallery Server Pro Action Menu by selecting either the "Edit Sueetie Media Object Details" or "Edit Sueetie Album Details" menu items.


Here’s a screenshot of adding tags to Media Objects. Editing and adding tags to Media Albums works exactly the same. The Sueetie Tag Control is used, so you will expand the control to display the Tag Editor as elsewhere.


One final point to make about editing Media tags. Tags are updated through a Sueetie Global WCF Service outside of the Media application, so to reflect the tag updates in your Media Albums and Objects remember to click one of the "Process Update" buttons when you are finished updating the album. This will update the cache and return you to the album list page where your updates are displayed immediately.


As we concluded last time, there’s more tagging action afoot, so this topic is…to be continued.

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