Photoshop and RAM

I was reading Jim Edelen’s post on running Sharepoint on a notebook and freeing up memory and decided to see where my 512MB of memory was being spent at the moment.  I went through and shut down non-essential services like SQL Server and SQL Server Agent (these freed up @20MB, as was Jim’s observation), then I exited Adobe Photoshop 6.0.  I do a lot of utility graphic work through my day and so I keep Photoshop open but minimized for quick use.  I couldn’t believe what I saw when over 200MB of memory was freed by closing Photoshop!  Hey, I’m a big Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator fan, but this was one of those times I am reminded that they aren’t the most efficiently designed Windows apps out there.  I will certainly make a practice of exiting Photoshop when I’m not using it in the future.

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