A Post on Podcasting

I’m blown away by the potential of podcasting and the fact that it is literally WEEKS old. Everyday Joes and Judys being producers of content. The end of the domination of Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN. 500 cable channels? Think UNLIMITED podcast channels!

I had an early Christmas dinner over the weekend with family who happened to be in Vermont, one of whom was my niece’s boyfriend who does creative work in radio and television advertising. I tried to light a fire under him to get him thinking about podcasting. He has the talent and–at this point more importantly–he has the STUFF to podcast and get in at the very beginning of a brand new medium.

I emailed two links to my young friend, one a link to Doc Searls BloggerCon III session on Making Money, as it applies to podcasting as well as blogging. I also provided a link to Adam Curry’s December 15th show where I told him to jump to 29 minutes in where he’ll find a clip from WGBH providing a snapshot of the state of podcasting today. Its a 10 minute mix of various podcasts and I love it because it demonstrates how brand new podcasting is right now, how creative and uninhibited it is, and how its potential impact is huge.

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