How many peripherals does a nerd need to carry in the woods?

I’m okay being known as “that nerd who likes to walk his dogs.”  Or maybe more consisely, “nerd dog walker.”  Today I decided to expand my dog walking experience by time-marking interesting ITConversations audio files, like Rob Scoble’s Information Overload presentation/discussion at BloggerCon III last month.  I listened to it yesterday, but wanted to listen again today, and while listening (and here’s the kicker), speak into my Axim a time-mark and brief notation as a reference.  How cool is that?  I can go back to the presentation and rub my little finger ’round my iPod dial until I come to, say, “6:28 – Dave Winer Rant.”  Or whatever.

The play-by-play of Rob’s presentation is forthcoming, but I thought in the meantime I’d show you the mixing studio, as it were.  Nerdtoids: that makes two peripherals in the hand, with the digital camera to catch the scene, and the cell phone to real-time with someone in a pinch.  Oh, and 2 poopie bag rolls.  I don’t know if they count as peripherals though.  Interesting sidebar, there’s another recent pic of a pod in the wood at engadget.

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