iPod and Dog: Adam Bosworth on scalable services

This is an oldie but goodie that I somehow just listened to the first time a few weeks ago (with a re-listen last week.)  Recorded 4/21/2005 at the MySQL Conference, Adam Bosworth talks about scaling on top of sloppy, simple, ubiquitous languages and protocols.  Bosworth has been at Google for several years, working at Microsoft on Access and ADO prior to his tenure at Google.  His presentation title is “Database Requirements in the Age of Scalable Services.”  Here’s the ITC Details page.

I can’t provide many explicit excerpts of the presentation, other than one line when Bosworth described one day in 1995 when he “woke up from a Microsoft-induced narcoleptic coma…” Gotta love it.

He talked about the origins of the Internet and the perfect storm of HTML and HTTP meaning that HTML was sloppy, every browser renders it, and everybody could play.  Didn’t have to be high priests or super geeks to contribute.  He went on to elaborate on the distributed, de-centralized web and how it supports scale.

RSS allows every company to be a Google, according to Bosworth.  He details why, but I’ll have to listen again to get it.

Main point, it’s a Think Different podcast.  Definitely worth a listen.  Be sure to enjoy the “Microsoft-induced narcoleptic coma” line at 3:30 in.

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