iPod and Dog: Biotech and Nanotech from Moira

It’s been a while I’ve listened to standout podcasts worthy of iPod and Dog mention, but here are two from ITConversations, both hosted by Moira Gunn.

First, Greenfield v. Kurzweil.  A biotech debate between Susan Greenfield, Director of the Royal Institution of Great Britain and Ray Kurzweil.  Ray laid out his usual points on exponential acceleration, re-engineering the brain, and what’s happening in the world today to support his conclusions.  I’ve heard it before several times and am finishing up The Singularity is Near.  Good, but nothing new.

Susan Greenfield, on the other hand, provided a fresh wisdom to the debate.  “What does produce happiness in light of personalized couches and an advanced intelligence?”  So what if we could cure depression, does that subtraction or masking of the physical origins of depression produce real happiness?  She wasn’t a Contrarian, a Neo-Luddite or anything of the sort.  She was simply wise.

The second iPod and Dog Worthy podcast was a Moira Gunn interview with two Nanotechnologists, Larry Bock and Lynn Foster, who described some very exciting developments in nanotechnology happening right now.

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