iPod and Dog: Dave Winer with Cringley on NerdTV

This Dave Winer interview with Robert Cringley for Cringley’s PBS NerdTV series presents a surprisingly thoughtful Dave Winer going back almost 30 years to his software beginnings with the Outliner and taking us along for his journey to becoming a user, with stops at Apple, Wired Magazine and Microsoft along the way.  Winer captures the personalities and high-watermark events he experienced in the industry, but more valuable to me was how his perception matured from thinking programmers like himself were gods and users were at the programmer’s mercy.  Formerly viewing himself as a programmer, Winer is now a user, and he views the software universe like a user.  One takeway (of many from this interview) was the importance of programmers actually using the software they write.  That is so true.

Definitely put this one in your podcast queue.  Here’s the NerdTV show list.

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