iPod and Dog: Emerging Technologies by Ann Winblad. 5-stars!

This is a presentation I will definitely keep on my iPod to listen to from time to time.  The title was Emerging Technology Trends by Ann Winblad, with Hummer Winblad Venture Partners who has backed such companies as Berkeley Systems, Netopia, Net Dynamics, Wind River, and others.  The presentation was given at SofTech in March, 2004. She describes her background as Nerdulant, the first time I heard the term.  LOVED IT!  “Nerdulant.”  Eeeeeex-cellent.

She was enthusiastic and filled with facts on many trends of the software and hardware industry as well as the drivers behind those trends.  “We got the hype right, but we got the time line wrong.”  “Everybody needs bits…”  “We need to move to where software becomes a commodity, moving toward a utility computing model.”  “Those who understand the power of bits sees that we have a lot of simultaneous equations coming…“ So many areas were covered and so many insights which are supported by everyone other source I’ve read, that I can only recommend you dash over to ITConversations and put this presentation on your iPod.  The PPT of the presentation is available on the same page where you’ll find the audio files.

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