iPod and Dog: I’ve turned pedestrian

I took a look at my podcast library the other day in iTunes and it struck me how much of a pedestrian podcast listener I’ve become.  Gone are the days when I listened to geeky and niche shows on technical topics.  I still enjoy selected IT Conversation shows and SXSW Conference podcasts, but I don’t spend all of my time there anymore obviously. 

I always listen to ABC News This Week with George Stephanopoulos as soon as I see it on my iPod.  I rarely listen to the headliner, and go straight to the last 14 minute roundtable discussion with George Will, Cokie Roberts and the gang. 

I’m really enjoying Marketplace with Kai Ryssdal.  I used to listen to the show in real time in the nineties back in Pittsburgh.  Without podcasting I could never still be enjoying it.  If you’ve not listened to Marketplace, it takes the news of the day and addresses how it affects the market and business.  Very interesting and a highly polished production.

The Dennis Miller Show is only a couple of months old.  I subscribe to the free feed where they give you the first 10 minutes of the show.  You have to pay for the whole show.  10 minutes is a good amount for me, since I’m 180-degrees from Miller’s [scary] conservative politics.  I might not like his arguments but I love how me makes them.  He also interviews non-politicos on occasion, which are the shows I enjoy the most.

The McLaughlin Group?  Eh, what can I say.  It rounds out my pedestrian playlist.  And anyway, those guys are animals.  Pat Buchanan and Eleanor Clift mixin’ it up is just good clean fun.

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