iPod and Dog: John Patrick and Rocky Lotka

Interesting listen with John Patrick in an ITConversations provided interview.  Author of Net Attitude: What It Is, How to Get It, and Why Your Company Can’t Survive Without It.  Normally I don’t put much interest in what a 35-year IBMer has to say about technology, but John Patrick is an exception who was there when IBM moved aggressively and smartly onto the Internet as a business platform before most in the industry “got it.”  Patrick described what he felt were 3 big areas of innovation:  WiFi, blogging (and syndication), and Grid Computing.  He wisely discussed the sorry state of our paper-based medical industry, and when asked what the most interesting innovation he is using today he responded, “my iPod mini.”

Listened to the Rocky Lotka DotNetRocks show yesterday from June 7, 2004.  Thanks to the efforts of Julie Lerman, I was able to see Rocky discuss the CSLA framework here at the Vermont DotNet Users group.  Two immediate impressions of Rocky are that 1) you feel dirty cause you KNOW you slipped some business logic in a btnProcess_OnClick method just this week, and 2) everyone asks him lofty and industry-wide questions and rarely anything on the details of CSLA.  They want to know the history of UML or why developers write procedural code or explain the virtues of writing C# over VB.NET (or VB.NET over C#.)  Rocky is the Wizened One.  #1 .NET Rock Star in my book.

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