iPod and Dog: Linux on the front-end of a sprinkler, or the wireless platform

Interesting podcast segment from IT Conversations Accelerating Change conference coverage in a session on Pervasive Computing.  Dana Blankenhorn was the 2nd of 3 session presenters.  His talk on what he referred to as the “wireless platform” (like mainframes, PCs, and the Internet as platforms preceding it) triggered interesting possibilities in wireless application development.

I won’t do justice to the interesting details Blankenhorn covered in his brief 10 minutes, but the point that struck me (and I’m paraphrasing here) was that for this wireless platform to take off we need to be able to have an OS–Linux, Windows, whatever (probably Linux)–to sit on top of the existing circuit-talking VxWare with a set of APIs so that we as developers can write to it over this emerging wireless platform.  Great example being a sprinkler system operating on a timer, wasting money and resources because it cannot talk to a sensor in the ground that can tell the sprinkler system that the lawn doesn’t need watering at the moment.  As a developer this is fascinating stuff filled with potential.

Here is the 10 minute clip (5MB .MP3 download) made with Doug Kaye’s AudioClip service.  Here’s the session description.

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