iPod and Dog: Not much to report from the field

Not a whole lot to report on standout podcasts these days.  Good AttentionTech today titled “Coffee Talk” where eWeek Technology editor Peter Coffee provides a thorough review on SQL Server and Visual Studio 2005.  That was interesting for my fellow .NET developers out there, but more interesting to me was the discussion on Microsoft’s promotional strategy to developers since PDC 03 where rich clients were the core future and the web came to Windows compared with a recent more web-centric approach.  I’m hanging tough with the PDC 03 approach, myself.  Rich clients and SOA.  Disconnectedness, like ice, is nice.

Back to podcasts, I’m still enjoying the Media Artists Secrets weeklies from Franklin McMahon.  Short, 10 minute bits on career and creativity.  Good common sense reminders with some insightful perspective thrown in.

My podcast queue is remarkably clean.  Here’s a screenshot.  That’s okay, I re-discovered Bonnie Raitt recently.  I don’t have to listen to nerdy stuff ALL of the time.

I’m mainly posting an iPod and Dog to share a bit a winter with you.  15-degrees feels colder this year than last year.

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