iPod and Dog: On the potential of Structured Blogging

Tom Raftery said that Salim Ismail, the CEO of PubSub “broke his head” with so much information about the potential of structured blogging.  That was a pretty accurate description of Tom’s two interviews with Salim who was preparing to announce Movable Type and WordPress plugins as well as other initiatives at the Syndicate Conference.

You’ll find posts elsewhere on the topic (it’s the top subject on TechMem today), but this is a technology that can be huge!  You can read about it all evening, but to catch original insight on how structured blogging can affect your company, your applications and daily digital world in the not-so-distant future, you should really listen to Tom Raftery’s two interviews with Salim Ismail.  The first podcast starts a little slowly, but once it picks up it rolls!

Phrases like “events with data wrapped around them” and “disintermediating eBay” are two concepts that come immediately to mind.  Lots of good stuff to say about Tom’s interview with Salim, but you should check them out yourself.  Here’s the first podcast, and here the second.

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