iPod and Dog: Podcast Round-up for July 2006

I haven’t done an iPod and Dog for a while, so I thought I’d do a round-up on my Podcast experience for July 2006

1) I’ve been impressed with the SXSW Conference podcast offerings.  Must have been over 60 in all, which I’ve recently finished listening through.  Bruce Sterling is always wonderful, I really enjoyed a session titled “How to Blog for Money by Learning From Comics,” and I found several sessions on bootstrapping and business startup strategies quite interesting.  The quality of a lot of the podcasts was pure crap, unfortunately.  Some sort of tunnel, echo effect happening.  A+ for effort, C-minus for execution.

2) IT Conversations remains king of the Podcast Subscriptions.  Great presentation by Al Gore on Earth in the Balance, Bruce Sterling doing The Internet of Things, a Robert Scoble and Shel Israel interview, and The Future of Entertainment Panel – Web 2.0 2005 were among recent favorites.

3) I did TWIT (This Week in Tech) for a bit, but had to let it go.  The audio quality of TWIT is outstanding, but the conversation bored me to tears in only a few minutes.  They did a session that was live from Vloggercon that was really interesting, but the normal show is a miss.

4) I’m happy to report that I’ve been enjoying a 100% Steve Gillmor Free Diet for the last three months or so.  The Gang has much more chemistry than the TWIT crew, but Gillmor ruins the ointment.

5) In a related podcast, I was hyped when (Gang Member) Mike Arrington announced he was doing a podcast, but surprisingly the podcasts are incredibly dry.  Even the Digg 3.0 conversation was a tedious affair.  Mike Arrington is a force in the IT Industry; his TechCrunch and TechDirt blogs are must-reads, but TalkCrunch leaves me grinding my teeth.  Next.

6) I think its great that the TED conference is making sessions available.  Haven’t had time to fire any of them up yet, but am looking forward to it.

7) The BloggerCon IV sessions are available here.  Some good sessions (and not so good) that I’ve tuned into.  I enjoyed last year’s BloggerCon III podcasts much more than IV.  Maybe because podcasting was so new and fresh a year ago?  Funny, my iPod had a near-death experience recently and when deciding what to listen to while walking the dogs the next day I thought, “If my iPod had one day left to live, would I spend it listening to Dave Winer?”  I don’t think so.

8) The podcast I look forward to most is ABC News This Week with George Stephanopoulos, and not the whole show (depending on the headliner), only the last 12 minutes with George Will and the Roundtable.

All-in-all it’s not a very exciting round-up that gets the juices flowing in my current Podcast Experience.  But hey, at least there’s the 12 minutes with the ABC News This Week Roundtable to look forward to.

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