iPod and Dog: Robert Hurlbut on DotNetRocks

Its been almost three months since Robert’s January 17th interview on DotNetRocks was released, but some things are worth the wait. Robert demonstrated how knowledgeable and articulate he is on all things .NET, on database development, and in particular, on developing in a least privileged environment. He made several good points on why its important to test apps in a least privileged environment, which apparently many developers forget to do.

This interview took place during one of the weeks that Rory was sick, but I wanted to say that Cool Carl was an outstanding interviewer going solo. There were great quotes like “enjoying the Least Privileged Lifestyle” and, darn it, something about being a non-admin that I forgot but which cracked me up. I also enjoyed Robert’s anecdote sparking his interest in database development, how he observed a guy tweak a SQL query which previously took several minutes to run afterward execute in seconds. Most of us recall a similar moment of SQL performance enlightenment.

Robert is speaking at VtDotNet next Monday, April 11th, on Test Driven Development. Don’t wanna miss that one! (With Julie Lerman’s connections, you don’t want to miss ANY of our VTDotNet meetings, and Robert’s presentation is no exception.)

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