iPod and Dog: Tuesday Twofer

Two podcast recommendations today for the price of one.

First, check out ITC’s Tim O’Reilly: Takeaway: The Where 2.0 Application.  The description is on location-oriented applications and GPS ubiquity, but its more like earlier talks he gave on the nature of the loosely joined 2.0 application.  Definitely a keeper and one I want to give another listen with my Axim to enter voice notes on a future post.

The second rec comprising the Tuesday Twofer is a Podtech.net interview with PE Week Wire’s Dan Primack on Venture Trends.  Primack addresses the absurdity of the 8+ mil investment in the Podshow.  (He didn’t say it was absurd.  I’m saying that.  Primack did question its logic.)  He also spoke realistically about blog and podcast overload and diminishing returns.  A big part of Primack’s job is to read blogs, and HE says there’s too much mass out there.  It was also good to hear someone rooted in finance distinguish between increased use (as in blogs and podcasts) and resulting revenue from that use.  Yeah, yeah, there are other paths to revenue from blogs and podcasting, but Primack’s basic dollars and sense approach to the blog/pod mania was good to hear.

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