iTunes 4.9 podcast navigation and info screen pics

I was listening to Curry’s new PodFinder show in hopes of discovering other podcasts and initially thought the show was a good idea and well done, but it REALLY needed the ability to navigate from show-clip to the next, since I was not interested in most of the podcast show excerpts but I did want to hear the show in its entirety.

Then I discovered podcast navigation in iTunes 4.9 and with the newest iPod firmware installed (more on those in an earlier post.)  Notice the horizontal lines in the play bar?  And each segment can also contain a description, as in this case the show “Overnightscape” was being featured.  What an excellent feature!  Apple continues their run of providing useful, incremental improvements to the consumer experience in a speedy fashion. 


Another useful addition is the podcast description shown here.  The titles scroll left-to-right to present the full title.  The screen can scroll horizontally to display the entire show description, which can be quite long.


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