Possible fix for when the PC doesn’t recognize an iPod

I wasted about an hour on my iPod today while trying to get it to talk to my PC. A little tip which isn’t discussed in the cute little iPod User Guide is that Windows mounts the iPod like a removeable drive and then releases the drive when iTunes recognizes the pod. I’m not saying this technically correctly, I understand, and there are options for changing this behavior, but MY problem and solution (thus the post) is that Windows would not “re-mount” the iPod when I attached it to the PC because there was already an image of the drive in virtual memory…or reporting some such nonsense when I poked around in the Hardware Manager.

So if your iPod stops talking like mine did today, check your drives and see if your iPod is listed there and if so, eject it. That may save me an hour the next time it happens.


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