Quicktime 7.1 and iTunes 6.0.5 Warning for Win X64 and Windows 2003 Users

If you listen to iTunes on a WinXP 64-bit or Windows 2003 system for 10 or more hours a day like I do and are considering upgrading to iTunes 6.0.5, STOP!  Quicktime 7.1 has a serious problem with a recent Windows vulnerability patch (MS06-015) and will break and trash iTunes in the process.  It’s amazing to me that Apple puts software out there that will break on thousands of users’ machines.

I made the mistake of deciding to upgrade to iTunes 6.0.5 last night around 11:00.  Two hours later I threw in the towel.  This morning I hit it again first thing and we’re back up with Quicktime 7.0.4 and iTunes 6.0.4.  But some ugly registry cleanup was required, since Quicktime Uninstall was hosed, too.  And to avoid the lock on QtTasks.exe sitting in my taskbar so I could manually clean out the \program files\quicktime directory I went into the tried-and-true registry CurrentVersion\Run key to remove Quicktime from launching on startup.


Finally, to avoid the “A Newer Version of Quicktime is Already Installed” so I
could install Quicktime 7.0.4 I deleted two quicktime.* extensions
(heh) in \windows\system32.

There are several good discussions on Apple Forums like this one that gave me enough info to know what the heck the problem was and how to roll-back my setup to listen to my tunes again.  But it wasn’t pretty.

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