Scoble’s Overload BloggerCon Presentation Time-indexed (in the Vermont Wood)

The time-indexing of Rob Scoble’s Information Overload Presentation/Discussion from BloggerCon III, the process performed while walking the dogs.

10:38 Dave Winer refusal to allow a vendor discuss the topic at hand and the ensuing group argument.

16:25 Scoble says blogging (RSS) has been the best relationship builder he’s ever experienced. Definitely right about that.

23:01 Attention.XML Specification. “What you’ve read and for how long. That’s it.”

23:30 Other behavior metadata. What’s Robert been looking at, what his readers have been looking at, etc.

25:45 What are the hot things on my blog? More metadata.

26:20 Collaborative filter, like FireFly, now Amazon Recommendations.

28:00 A user states, “I don’t intend to gorge myself on information. The important stuff always filters up.” And “If I don’t get it read in the first 10 minutes and quit, well, that’s 10 more minutes I have to look at the sunset.”

30:35 A colleague of a user says, “One day I’m going to threaten people. I’m going to threaten them by publishing a list of the people I don’t read anymore.” Metadata on who people stopped reading.

40:35 Finding information one’s read was discussed and pretty much answered by using Outlook or some local indexing scheme.

46:01 How do we find the people doing the filtering? Scoble goes to Technarati to search on Quilting and while not knowing anything about quilting was able to quickly determine the top names in Quilting by the number of links and references.

49:56 A woman says that once you’re in my aggregator I have to make a negative decision to kick you off.

53:57 A user says, “What do we do with all this senseless beauty? You read more than the rest of us. What do you DO with it?” Rob: Put it up on my Link Blog. Someone says “Microsoft sucks,” I go to someone at Microsoft and I say, “hey!…”

57:20 A tracking device for comments by individual.

1:08:47 A user said that one way he deals with Information Overload is just not to feel pressure to read everything in the world. There’s a certain zen acceptance that there might be something wonderful that you don’t see, but you don’t have to be so anal-retentive to try to read everything that comes along.

1:12:11 A user says we need to diagnose the problem people in this room have, “and its blogaholism!” Just waaay over-subscribed.

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