What my iPod and Joe Stagner’s GPS device have in common

At a recent MSDN Events Presentation on MapPoint, Joe Stagner told a story about a $700 GPS device he bought, which due to my bad memory may have cost a bit more than $700, I don’t recall exactly. Joe’s wife was somewhat, um, uncomfortable with the idea of Joe spending that much on a GPS device. But after a week of using his new navigation gadget he arrived home from the drive home from the office and his wife says, “That GPS system is the best $700 you ever spent!” To which Joe, stunned, asked, “Why?” “Because you don’t come home from work all pissed off anymore!” she said.

Thus the connection between my iPod and Joe’s GPS device. Happiness and inner peace, baby. Or something like that. Let me provide an anecdote to explain. I don’t like a nearby Shaw’s Grocery Store very much. In fact, I hate it! Its a new store less than a year old, and because it is convenient I stopped by a few times only to swear that I would never go back again. But as fate would have it and the Donut Gods decree, this same grocery store happened to open a Dunkin’ Donuts shoppette kind of deal, so hey, I thought I’d give it another chance. Then another fix was required, then another.

It goes without saying, any business built on the back of the Almighty Donut is going to see a spike in revenues, which means jelly-filled curmudgeons like me are going to buy more than just donuts on the Shaw’s premises. But this means putting up with all those things I hated…

…until I started going to the grocery store with my iPod.

Now I don’t CARE if I’m in a long checkout line, made longer by some cashier gabbing away about Corn Flakes. I don’t MIND when the self-checkout machine won’t read my ATM card. It’s OKAY when the delicatessen doofus ignores me. I’m listening to an enGadget podcast, or a DotNetRocks interview, or a Venture Capitalist discussing emerging technologies. I can wait.  Its okay.  Life is good!

Seriously, honestly and truly. My iPod is the best $313 dollars I ever spent!

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