A Most Excellent Bob and Chris Road Show

Today was a really special Road Show with Microsoft’s Bob Familiar and Chris Bowen here in Burlington, Vermont.  Chris started the day covering VS2008, then Bob on Multi-Tenant Data Architecture and a Silverlight overview, then after lunch Chris made the crowd go wild with his “You are the strongest LINQ!” presentation, with Bob finishing off the day with a stroll through Expression Studio.

But the festivities weren’t over at 4:00 when Bob’s last set concluded, as the VS2008 Installfest was just getting underway.  We all lined up for our 90 Day Trial Copy of VS2008 and many of us, including me, installed it on our laptops while some played a multi-player Xbox 360 shootem-up game.  Sorry, I’m not that hip or interested to know what they were playing, but I thought it was amazing that Bob and Chris brought two (what looked like) 52″ HDTVs to the event from Boston.

I took a ton of notes; four pages, which I hope to assemble shortly.  In the past I had seen several presentations on VS2008, yet Chris demo’d many features I hadn’t seen before.  I’ll also have to say that I am jazzed about LINQ thanks to Chris’s afternoon presentation.  Again, I saw probably 4 presentations about LINQ, but now I want it!  Chris did a great job quickly reviewing the language enhancements that underline LINQ: Type Inferencing, Class and Collection Initializers, Anonymous Types, Extension Methods, Lambda Expressions and Query Expressions.

Today’s presentations, along with the availability of VS2008, really fired me up to move to the next level.  Tonight my head is pounding with the sound of “Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers.”

Thank you so much, Bob and Chris.

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