A Non-Compressed BlogEngine.NET 1.5 Developer Tip

You could say I’ve spent a lot of quality time working with BlogEngine.NET 1.5 in Visual Studio, and yet I couldn’t figure why I couldn’t enjoy a good old-fashioned .NET Runtime Error when I screwed something up.  Instead I encountered something like this in my browser. Not the most helpful response. 

Stepping through the code I could always locate the trigger point, but it sure would have been nice to see the actual error in English.  I Googled and Binged and searched the CodePlex BlogEngine.NET Forums on several occasions, but found nothing.  Being too embarrassed to ask was another reason I didn’t crack this earlier, so having finally discovered the solution I can share my embarrassment with the world.

We know that BlogEngine.NET is blazingly fast.  It’s the Top Gun of blogs.  One of the BlogEngine.NET speed factors is its use of HTTP Compression.  That’s set on the Administrative Settings page.

I guess you know where I’m going with this, but I’m going to finish this post anyway if you don’t mind.  When HTTP Compression is enabled you’ll see the weird characters above.  Clearing the compression checkbox and we’re back in familiar territory.

There.  That’s better!

Bing notes: This is a tough issue to search on, so I’ll add a few Bing-friendly terms for other BE.NET Developers. BlogEngine.NET runtime error english weird undecipherable jibberish unreadable mumbo jumbo ?KR??

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